The Baths

On this "When"sday I go back to the British Virgin Islands.  When I was working on the boats, our first stop was here in Devil's Bay, a wonderful hike through "The Baths."  

Fun Fact: It isn't called that because of hot springs, it's named after the "Batholithic" rocks that are growing.  The ocean has been receding thus making it appear as the rocks are growing, but the ancient tribes thought they were rising.  One of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  It has a faux nickname as the "Ninth wonder of the world," little history humor.  If you ever have a chance, make a trip out there to enjoy this incredible hike, it's amazing. 

Side Tip: If you are staying on Tortola, or the US Virgin Islands there are many companies that do day trips out there as part of an island hopping/snorkel excursion.  The ones I know of are Breakaway Charters on St Thomas, and Bad Kitty on St John.  There are many others.