Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Today I remember back to my time in Ubud.  When you think of Bali, you always think of pristine beaches and turquoise waters, but there is a lot more to the large island.  When we landed in Denpasar, I figured it would be a short cab ride to a beach, but we ended up on an hour long romp in a van much more inland than expected.  Ubud is an incredible town known as a hub for crafts and traditional dance, and even a monkey forest!  I highly recommend that you take some time from the beaches and visit here for at least a couple of days.

Fun Fact: While Ubud seems to outsiders like one small town, it is in fact fourteen villages, each run by its own committee.

Helpful Hint: Indonesia as a whole is incredibly affordable, and if you have multiple couples, a large family, or even a higher budget than usual consider renting your own private villa.  It can end up being the same price as getting lots of hotel rooms, and the amenities can be better suited to your group. Our villa came with it's very own pool, local chef, security (who mostly slept but made great coffee), and our own rooms.  It was great so we could all eat together in the communal dining room, play in the pool, etc.  Such a great alternative to being stuck in a bunch of hotel rooms, and much more spacious and family-oriented.